Hemoglobin A1c Levels - Is 6.5% Really The Best Goal For Type 2 Diabetics To Strive For?

If you have been recently diagnosed with having sugar diabetes, also known as Type 2 diabetes, it is extremely risky to leave yourself open to complications if you leave your blood sugar levels unchecked. Even though you are you are probably feeling scared right now and do not like the way that diabetic drugs are making you feel, don't let your constant fear and emotions rob you of making the effort to control your blood sugar. It is vitally important for you to keep your blood sugar levels in balance.

Type 2 diabetes -- include the above plus blurred vision; cuts and bruises that take too long to heal; tingling in feet or hands; recurring infections, including gum, bladder, or skin infections.


Fact: If you have diabetes like your mother or father, it is not because it is contagious. Genetics plays an important role in developing diabetes, but it is definitely not contagious.

What hasn't gotten a lot of attention however, is how the composition of the body, and changing weight over time, might affect the Risk of Type Diabetes of diabetes in the older adult.

As time goes by diabetes gets more and more severe. It's very important for people who are at risk of developing diabetes to learn how to prevent diabetes.



It has been found green tea may be associated with a reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes in non-diabetics by controlling post prandial hyperglycemia. It is also true the risk of Type 2 diabetes may also be reduced by staying active and maintaining more info a healthy body weight.

Of course, the above study will not suddenly change what is considered normal, because results must be repeated before they can be used to set standards. On the other hand, repeating a series of fasting blood sugar levels over time might be a good way to predict if you are in need of preventive care. If levels go up over time it might be a good idea to become concerned and take action, especially if you have other risk factors for Type 2 diabetes.

The risk factor increases further should there be a family history of diabetes. Just like me, both my parents are diabetic, and so are my maternal grandparents. Now, I am diabetic. It goes to show that when there is a genetic history of diabetes in the family, one must start from young to manage the disease, even before it strikes a person. If I had known what I know now, I would have been more careful with my health.

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